About the Downingtown Main Street Association

Downingtown Main Street Association was incorporated in 1993 as a 501(c)3 with the purpose of bringing citizens, residents, property owners, business owners, and the private sector together to address major issues confronting the Borough of Downingtown and its future. DMSA became inactive at the end of 2005, however, during its initial 12 year run, DMSA was able to contribute to the success of a variety of Borough improvements, including streetscape beautification, building rehabilitations, and introduction of community based events such as the Christmas Parade and Kid Fest. In 2011, a lagging economy spurred the energy of a fresh group of local businesses and residents to restart Downingtown Main Street Association.

A renewed purpose exists amongst the current DMSA Board of Directors, whose members strive to bring vitality and vigor to the Borough of Downingtown while preserving the history and traditions that make Downingtown a special place to work and live. We rely on community volunteerism, Borough Council support and collaboration with local businesses to identify and implement projects that will build on Downingtown’s past success and help bring about improvement where needed in the Borough of Downingtown.

Downingtown Fallfest Media Day

Stay tuned for our live media event on Friday 9/25, 9 am at Victory Brewing Company.

Exciting announcements from Victory Brewing Company, Farmhouse Coffee & Expresso Bar, the Downingtown Country Club & more!